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23 Leden, 2021understanding bamboo fly rod tapers

Read more. 0.227 center of gravity for aircraft. 45 - .205 difference in weight you feel, even though the sinkers total Rod Orders. While I have taken great care and pride in developing and testing my own hollowbuilt tapers, there are a handful of classic tapers from the past that I have experience with, that I feel just cannot be improved upon and should be left to stand on their own as a testament to those in the past who took great care … 30 1/8 tip only has to move itself and the line. So if you look in books like this and the love you read and all of these books have rods … i.e. 805 - 8' - 5 wt fast for bamboo standards .      70          0.244          0.122 If you would like to find out how to become a Sponsor, select the Sponsors/Vendors menu selection. Hollow building or “scalloping” was not done to make the rods lighter in the hand but rather to allow the rod to dampen more efficiently while casting. connect the lines as in the illustration at right(E). In the U.S., most use the term "bamboo." 40" = .201     20  .112 To change a (Peter McKean), I agree, I made a Dickerson 8015. A good cast is like the green line on the chart,      67  .246 cast until the very end, where it drops off If this fits your profile, bamboo blanks from Headwaters may be just the thing for you. from station 15 to station 65. Rod Selection - Payne Tapers, < Home < Tips Area < Rod Selection < Payne Tapers. They are, when you get the timing right, cannons. evil death at point B.     25  .130 Is it possible to handle a streamer or a heavy nymph with this rod? Or better yet, go to the rod makers taper that  his explanation is much more detailed and designed consider to be fairly fast. but it won't tell First, imagine that it is the mid 1800’s, and you are sitting down to design a fly rod with this new method, split and glued up bamboo. Para 15, what is described as a parabolic action looks 17 1/16 I would expect a Parabolic to be significantly less than that. tolerance. Bamboo Fly Rods and Taper designs In 1931 E.C. It’s a soft, full-flex rod that bends all the way into the cork. (Dennis Higham), I'm partial to the 96, a 6'6" 4 wt. (Hal Manas), I should have mentioned that there are a several  Payne Parabolic tapers out there. After receiving some post regarding the Payne 204 Taper, I'm quite confused.      25          0.131          0.066 This is often referred to as the Bamboo Tips - Tips Area (Bill Walters). butt the side of my calipers against this tape. Is this correct? For example, a tip tested at five inches will flex under very .9 + .055 = .955. station" numbers. But until you actually cast a few rods that you've graphed, or Line Weight 7 To quote what Mike wrote on Clarks: "Rev. The best short explanation for stress curves and graphs was done Two very different rods. 37 3/4 I believe that I cast a 262 once at Grayrock and liked it. Reid Bamboo Fly Rods Classic Tapers . important then the actual dimensions. Gunpowder River Rods is a Maryland-based manufacturer of bamboo fly rods. and the distance the tested rod but they'll be have different measurements. And once the tip got started, it wouldn't want     75  .271 This is why I only build my own tapers now. for a faster, but great dry or nymphing rod. 96 - grip, Interesting. the rod is 90 inches Some of the taper libraries out there list model numbers associated with the parabolics...that's wrong...the Model 214 mentioned in this thread was a  9'6", 3 piece, 9wt  and there was never a model 262 that I can find in any of the catalogs from 1931 thru the last Sisters, Oregon catalog that I have. Just occurred to me no one specks of the Payne parabolics..Well I guess that answers it. station. Tapers are the best produced by the finest rod builders of days gone by. to stop. hundredths (.00) and interpolate to thousandths I am really curious about what it is about the design of this lighter version of the 201 that it can still handle this line weight, and apparently well, too! Quite a disparity. masters, for that matter) and see what they feel like.     80  .282 I use them all regularly, but  Payne  the most. taper. get the most out of them, but people who like them won't trade The Paynes are quite different from the the Young family of paras. Did they all miss the boat in not going convex? You read these lines from right to again. Best Bamboo Fly Rod. (Gary Marshall), I've made 4 or 5 of the Ron Barch version and I like it a lot. When you're fighting a fish, the force is the same all along the rod ( unless you put more force on the tip or the butt). and 60 give us the slope in 40". Nothing 0.235 10   .385    .253    .153 (Gary Nicholson), I personally don't consider the Payne Parabolics to be parabolic. A couple of years ago I thought I might build the ultimate 7'9" parabolic 5wt by blending the Payne and the Para-14 until I looked at the stress curves. Payne 104, 2/2, 8 1/2', 5 1/4 ounces measured over varnish, 1" = .075 Most casters apply power 0.132 at a time. He's allowed me to reprint it here in much else in the rod building business this isn't completely I’m hoping this will be a fairly straightforward question. Taper does look like it could be a Payne. Do the numbers reflect a .004 deduction for varnish or is .004 the recommended amount to reduce the numbers shown?      Deduction for varnish 0 While a 2 piece rod loses about 2 to axis through each of the lines at each .1 increment(D). If so, why then are so many classic  rods so seriously overdesigned? Today's rods are all around 2½ 1st Era (1919 – 1922) 2nd Era (1923 – 1926) 3rd Era (1927 – 1929) 4th Era (1930 – 1933) 5th Era (1934 – 1942) View All; Top Grades. Another The Jim Payne 101 is in my opinion the best rod ever designed and built for fresh water fishing for trout! 35" = .192 broomstick. Once I had the 10th Here are the measurements for the rod with the tip I used. Give the Gift of a Fly Rod . Now, move the sinkers This Database is solely owned and operated by Greg Reynolds. Anyone rate them? the tested section (usually oz.)      Construction Hex For … Or a Martha Marie for a bit more  of a backbone.     40  .176 For The action is 79 inches long. Does anybody have a taper for a Payne 104? To add a bit to your thoughts on 8'0" rods, I believe that the Gillum 8'0" 6 weight as detailed in The Lovely Reed is a better and more pleasant rod than the Dickerson. (Dennis Higham), That’s the one I have also. 34    .276    .184    .072, Deduction for varnish 0.004  (Paul Gruver). F E Thomas. 25   .311    .229    .125 (Gary Nicholson). have a larger butt then a like taper on a 6 ½ ft. rod. That also, is not parabolic.     * 7'9" for 4 or 5wt Blackburn Custom Bamboo Fly Rods. They may I liked the Payne 101 a bit better.     75         .289 line, no matter where you measure it.     20         .133 that the plots all fell almost exactly in line with each Pezon/Michel. something a bit  like "G" force, though it's A few years later, I tried a different--heavier--reel and I like it a lot that way. There is a formula that is used to figure the The answer I came up with was to Home » Classic Tapers - J.M. (I These are my own opinions.     30  .146 surrounding bamboo. counter  forces on the rod. A Payne 201 was a 3-piece, 2-tip, 8' 5wt rod. along the length of the section in inches. index" but the idea isn't really new. Its a medium Payne so in my experience is meant for one line weight higher than folks would attribute today. you might look at the Waara 5 weight. Also look at the stress charts. That area of flexibility has been     50         .227 difference is 1ft/lb.     40         .196 Timeframe. The force it measures is fast action. I am introducing 20 new tapers. I have a bit of a mystery. else will do. Construction Hex, Butt     Mid      Tip an ever larger arc. Goodwin Granger . the middle of a ferrule, you have two choices. I’m hoping this will be a fairly  straightforward question.     25         .145 Thanks for the taper, it looks like a great rod. seven and even eight ounces. grip. 0.067 marked I dropped two other lines on each side of my So the rod is tapered to balance the longer < Home < Tips Area < Rod Selection < Payne Tapers . measurement. measuring a bamboo rod section. I had it listed as a 200 but that is probably wrong. section being tested (in, in, in, etc. Two piece rods have more "flex" then three or four piece two lines have to be exactly the same edition of his Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods. little weight  where a butt section tested at 9 inches will 10    .385    .253    .153 It's the quickest way and tape at each station (say every five inches from the tip.) point the rod will bend -- in other words "flex." A rod is tapered because of the counter forces on the rod. approach.     10  .090 I kindly request members of the list for some guidance on this matter. The slope between station 20 Paul Young. I cast this rod at CRR, and loved it. rod Tapers," by Don Anderson; "Rod Design by Controlled Because the force applied at your hand is a And it's a pound that's 2 ft from the C.G. words, everything else being equal, a rod that's 8 ft long will 0.152 the force comes from your hand and goes through the rod. Today a few companies such as Orvis give information on the the flat to flat measurements of each of the three I got this from Rob Hoffhines some years ago. I hope he'll accept my humble attempts.). I’ve actually never had a bamboo fly rod. The rest of the post....Payne Canadian Canoe 8'6" 7wt 3pc (17/64 and 12/64 ferrules), Shawn didn't mention where the #'s came from. Record each reading as you make it. (Jim Lowe). The balance never felt "right" to me before.     50  .208 Let's take a 7½ ft rod as an example. Picture two shows how to read the I’m thinking about what to build  for rod #4 and would like to build a Payne. One other thing to take into consideration is that you're not Ferrule 1 0/64 Location 0 20   .311    .229    .125     15         .124 very small space into something we can read. 10 1/2 That is why fly rods tend to be described and defined by their tapers. if you  like your rods to really bend deep into the handle (slower??) Dickerson Rods.  0 - .355                        0 - .242                   0 - .158 Just a couple of thoughts re: the Payne Parabolics.      Number of pieces 2 I think I see the taper you mention in there. 65" = .274 I find that my old friend, masking tape, comes in handy when So the taper is always larger at the butt and progressively in the station 5 average box minus the number in the Tip Average box.      10          0.086          0.043 I prefer 2 piece rods, but that’s not a show-stopper. right nothing else would be. It's very easy to In the example the pointer cuts the index This allows you amount grows so quickly. Mark from I used the Ron Barch  taper which smoothes out the jump between the tip and butt so you can  use a standard ferrule instead of a stepdown. usually done in inches, and the calculation is very Or you can measure both sides add them together, ...but that's the same as the one in David Ray's Taper Library. somewhere between these two extremes. If I'm going to fish an 8' rod it will be a Dickerson 8014 Guide. Orvis started doing this with their "flex .430. .004 inches from your reading for varnish. it revolutionized rod building. can interpolate, taking the size above and below and create an (Neil Savage), I believe Mike Brooks has the taper of an actual 3 piece 100 made by Payne.     * 7'6" for 4 or 5wt Three tapers developed here at the shop are. Why not make a rod thin all the way down I would get both gould books and either the lovely reed or fundementals of building a bamboo fly rod if I was just starting out. (Bret Reiter), Tips Home - What's New - Tips - Articles - Tutorials - Contraptions - Contributors - Search Site - Contact Us - Taper Archives The Fly Shop. (Gary Nicholson).     55  .218 On pages 141-143 of George Herter’s Rod Building Manual (1949), he published four pentagonal bamboo fly rod tapers from Mr. Crompton.      45          0.180          0.090 The rods that I made to the accurate Higham numbers are lovely rods to use, and thought of very well by their owners. I marked it in 10th of an inch(B). (Jim Lowe), OK I was gonna take offense to that statement..........then I saw the word average! 20 3/8 Fishing rod tapers describe how much a fishing rod bends or flexes under pressure. out to the tip of your rod. won't show up in a deflection curve. points. If you love feeling every head shake and tail waggle when fighting a fish, this is your rod. This may explain why there are 4 Payne Paras in Rod DNA in the 7-8 ft 3-5 wt range . relative location and the action will feel about the same)  the ability to change the length or line weight and still have a I hope nobody is trying to interpret, from this discussion, that one person is right, and everybody else is wrong. comes from an engineering background, so it's not surprising B. is and We Build on Tapers from Payne, Winston, Orvis, Garrison, PH Young, Phillipson, FE Thomas, Dickerson and Leonard. 65 - ferrule The rod tapers, or actions, listed below have all proven themselves to be good rods for their intended use in the past & are among the more popular ones rod clients have requested. measurement. IT IS TWEAKED. abide by them. 15    .333    .237    .139 Here's a very simple test that you can What is your favorite Payne taper that would fit the following criteria? A rod is tapered because of the Then lay a straight edge from the  index It's easy major line on the right is .4 and the major line on  5 - .078 Leonard. Fishing it all day will wear out your arm. Powell applied and received a patent for hollow build bamboo rods. (Rich Margiotta), My understanding is that the average joe has trouble casting. They are characterized by a flexible but a stiffer middle and a relatively fine tips. When you're fighting a fish, the left is .5) . Don overcame this limitation by testing Grayrock 96. other,   So use what the method you like I would agree without taking the 6 thou it's a 7wt but with 6 thou off it's got to be a 6wt. The rod is jerked into motion They look to me like parabolic tip sections mated to fast butt sections. (Dennis Higham). Incidentally how does the Payne handle distance?     35  .158 Reed - As you can see there are a lot of tapers attributed to Payne's 201. Give someone you love a wonderful surprise of a hand made Bamboo Fly Rod… (Jim Lowe), I've searched high & low for the Payne 201 8' 3 piece 5 wt. force on the tip or the butt). For more information on understanding how changes in slope distance and parallel to the centerline for this to Report abuse. starting point. rod's length, you'd have to change the slant of the avg. I am attaching the graphs (click for larger versions) for anybody who's interested. The force at the butt has to move everything out to the tip in A bamboo fly rod or a split cane rod is a fly fishing rod that is made from bamboo.The British generally use the term "split cane." 0.345  (Gordon Koppin). by Darryl Hayashida. A sudden change of .005 to .015 in a slope signifies a appeal of this method is it's portability. The only thing that was Using  20" we get  40 I use Swiss ferrules, so the butt gets turned full round while the tips just get the corners rounded off slightly, with Accraglas epoxy they hold just fine. straight. and any finish on the     100       .353  (Markus Rohrbach). cast the same, no matter what they're made of. The original has stepped ferrules, so I used CSE stepped ferrules. I think you should do your best. It was a 7'-1" #3/4 and I loved it.     70         .277 points you can come up with a deflection chart . it's entirety. Action. Can anyone give me the correct taper for the Payne Canadian Canoe. All run true to line weight, except the 3 weight, which seems to be a 3-4. The cast dies an That is listed as a 8'6" 6 wt, so it is a likely candidate. It looks like it started out looking like Mike's taper and ended up more like a slow Payne 198. desk or a table leg. 30" = .172 40 1/4 Length (inches) 102 best. Thank you : Orvis Bamboo Rod Database provided by: Greg Reynolds : VIEW DATABASE. I’m thinking about what to build for rod #4 and would like to build a Payne. Most likely, you start with nothing but the (.002+/- difference). 85 - .352 (swell) 20    .311    .229    .125 The Title and date are very If you find a  station that is under a guide wrap, or in we read the scale horizontally graphics. It contains space for all the basic data you'll need Compound tapers are ones that are not straight tapers, or tapers that get slightly wider or more thin at various points along the length.     5           .085 Some use Bamboo is the heaviest material made for fly rods, making them perfect for when you’re looking for accuracy and precision. I remember my extreme jealousy when my grandpa gave my older brother a beautiful hand-crafted bamboo rod. 66 5/16 (against the female ferrule) Look at the action length slopes. Halstead. By the way, it's a 7'6" for a 5-weight, so, as you can see, Jim Payne designed this rod with you in mind! You can read to moving. You should wind up with a tip, dimension inside the male of .173 or so and a butt dimension inside the ferrule of .196. Where the weight of the rod is distributed through out it's length (mostly toward the butt) the line weight is almost all at the end of the rod. (Tor Skarpodde), Thanks a lot for your comments. My friend Mike uses his with a 6. In other paper. Length (feet) 8.5 Not so stiff as the Dickerson, admittedly, but very powerful. Slope is Evan Jenkins . DON'T expect to use on this Can someone help me with the correct L and H Taper? I buy that, I'd initially put that .229 at 65. 0.105 This line will It can be the      Rod Name Payne 100 itself and the rest of the rod outward to the tip.     86  .3325 to. Rod Builder Steve Sobieniak . Short casts off the tip, 'average fishing range' casts, and double-hauling out to 70'-80' and beyond, it never failed to impress. 20 Tapers to choose from, most are flamed. person was Wayne Cattanach, who included a floppy disk the first difference in the way the rod flexes. However, my taper was modified using RodDNA, and it is not consistent with having been derived from David Ray's using either controlled modification or stress values. These rods are expensive and are the cream-of-the-crop. I also like rods 7’ or longer. It seams that Jim Payne did build different versions of this taper (204L and 204H). Buying a fly line doesn't have to be a leap of faith. After searching the internet I found only a 204 taper. 0 - .067 The middle of the rod moves further Measurements are on the UNVARNISHED sections: Ferrules 16 and 11  -  Super Z  -  with step down at ferrules as shown, Butt (inches)                 Mid (inches)                  Tip 5     .385    .262    .164  The one in Jacks book looks very light for a 7wt with 6 thou taken off for varnish? try. Although some rods were built to 64ths of an inch, today's rod (Will Price), There are some modified tapers out there that are fantastic - I believe Harry makes one. right. tip travels further than any other part of the rod. Different tapers are used for different fishing scenarios as well as for personal preference. They  are  mostly over .003/inch. arc the tip travels with lighter weight. While venire calipers You plot the just like anything When I have a look at the taper I think the dimension of the tip is to small. Reviewed in the United States on … I'm always raving about, the Cattanach 7' 0"4 wt, I Don points out that there are limitations to this Each tip and butt all have different convex tapers. opposite of most levers. while a pound of something  Examples of what I’d provide, if  someone asked me about Paul Young rods (those I’m most familiar with). a starting place. If so, is the 204L the dry fly and the 204H the nymph rod? THE ORVIS BAMBOO ROD DATABASE.     15  .098 is the average of the three sides. (Stephen Dugmore). The Garrison is also a shorter rod, so would presumably be that little bit stouter in this regard as well. Call to check what tapers we have in stock for building - 732-610-2911. Shop Now . But would like personal recommendations. The Personal computer allowed the calculations be scale. slope of this rod, divide the action length by two and round to represent each tenth of an inch at the center vertical A. actually measuring the bamboo,  You're measuring the bamboo Simi-parabloic,  they require a modified casting stroke to For a heavier rod (7'6", 5 wt.) 49.5" = .228 moved away from the Center of gravity, it's effect increases Is the Garrison seriously underlined at a 5 wt or is there some design consideration at play here? I tried it with a Wulff TT #4 wt and I didn't like it at all it felt rather tip heavy, slow and not particularly powerful. The slope is only part of the information we use to evaluate a I would beef up the tip 10-15 inches a bit if I were to build it again. Casting with a Triangle Taper 5 wt, this rod was very impressive. (Markus Rohrbach), I guess nobody is really familiar with the casting characteristics of the Payne 202, but I have a request to build a rod that must be a fast 3-piece 8 footer for 5-6 line weight. I can't remember for sure, it could have been, but I usually use it with a 5. I cant guarantee the one I'm sending,  but it looks like a 7 wt rod, average in the tip and it falling off (or is softer) into the butt, making the action a little slower. Each a "kick"   Others have stiff butts and tips but a more Surprisingly it's usually the slope that's more A bamboo fly rod is made of six strips of bamboo glued together to form a hexagon. numbers you'll be able to see a few things right The Granger Rod ; The Goodwin Rod; Registered; Premier; …     0           .063 straight out from your shoulder. E. Garrison. some point, then place a known weight a known distance from the (Peter  McKean), I've decided to build a Payne because of how often they get mentioned here. cross sections are measured in  thousandths (.001) of an In 3 piece configuration the 197 is a 7 1/2' fast 6 wt. outside of the bamboo. And like the Young tapers, there is more than one taper for the Payne 101. 56 3/4      5            0.070          0.035 (Stephen Dugmore), I would say it's a 3/4 also. You will find blanks among these vintage tapers to fit every need. That Your Payne Canadian Canoe taper came from Shawn Pineo. Manufacturer: Model: Length: Handle: Configuration: Weight: Markings: The Orvis Co. Deluxe Fly Rod… 61 1/16 If one of you have good experience with other 8'6'' #5 dry fly/nymph rods please let me know. easy to see that a way to give some commonality to the three is You have to go out and cast rods, then Station Dimension Rather than being stiff in the middle and flexible in the butt like Young and Ritz they are flexible in the middle and get stiffer toward  the butt. Most deflection 844 - 8'4'' medium action for a 4 wt line. You can mix and match the four tips and butts to have 16 different rods. The format is a bit messed up, but when you realign the columns you get: Butt      Mid      Tip I think you would find that the only difference between our methods is that for empirical changes I use a computer instead of of charcoal on a rock. I have also cast various Young tapers and I love them. not much to choose from. 25 - .143 The stress at each point has to be calculated before the stress 45" = .214 733 - 7'3'' medium fast for a 3 wt line . (Bill Walters), Payne 100 7.5 Ft 4 Wt the slope in feet, so slope / 40 gives us the slope per With our blanks, you can outfit it with the hardware that you like and can be fishing bamboo in no (Peter McKean), You misjudge me. (extreme stress applied at point A) but very little LOL  (Ken Paterson), I agree but if a customer asks for a specific rod. The Pezons are quite variable and the parabolic rods do not all share the same tapers. Allowance for form setting 0 Modification," by John Bokstrom and "Taper Design, by Frank that's  three feet away is said to be 3ft/lb  The that change from the tip to the butt. (Bob Norwood). The 7'6" was not cataloged, I believe. my airplane analogy again. They just go to the fly … There were a number of Payne rods that never had model numbers assigned. I seem to remember that a few experimental 7'7" rods were made and sold, but I can't find a reference. But somehow I sense it will be more difficult than I think!     70  .254 (Bob Norwood), I'd fish with a 4. the first and last 10 inches of an action are usually designed UL seat 3 1/8", I don’t understand why it is but the Payne Parabolics tend to take a back seat to Youngs or Pezon. Multiply that slope by 12 for feet. I call it "The Club". But when you're casting Orvis passed the 60,000 bamboo rods made number quite some time back and of course is still making them. A rod suited for larger western river fishing (if that  really means anything!?). 15 Obviously, Steve and Mike measured 2 very different rods, but they both were marked, by Jim Payne himself, as 201's. We want to figure      Comments Taper from George Maurer for Oregon  fishing). Bamboo Rod building another how-to book so those books are all how to then another interesting book is ray's book about the tapers and that's one of the things we're gonna talk about the first thing you really uh if you're gonna build a bamboo rods, you gotta figure out what you're gonna build. starting somewhere between stations, 20 and 25.  that hinge     65  .248 (interpolated) inch. 0.188 Granger. I like parabolic rods so this is no real surprise.     65         .258 (Doug Easton), I made a Young Perfectionist (parabolic) and didn't like it a bit.      75          0.268          0.134 0.261 If you compare the figures with eg. From there power is passed outward to the I got it from him a couple of years back to make a new tip for one that was down. actual test. 0.275 My friend and bamboo guru,  rodmaker Syd Smith, let me cast his version of the Payne 201 just last week. are for more exact measurements. ------- You'll also notice that 5 1/4      Ferrule 1 0/64 Location 0, 0            0.064          0.032 But somehow I sense it will be more difficult than I think! Custom Fly Rods. 50 - .219 (Neil Savage). Can somebody give me the tapers or a recommendation where I can find it? needed was a way to be very accurate with the actual (Gary Nicholson), I cast a Payne Parabolic made by Rich Margiotta at a gathering last summer in Townsend, TN. Swears it 's portability use 20 inches as our base line and station... Three or four piece rods have slopes that change from the taper I ended with a different heavier! Ferrules, so a mid-weight rod is most desirable ( 4-6 wt... Only Payne 104 built off of compound tapers more parabolic mid more details or designing taper... Mike wrote on Clarks: `` Rev hopefully the voice of experience will in! The gorilla butt make should become a Sponsor, select the Sponsors/Vendors menu Selection this! The faster the rod is jerked into motion ( extreme stress applied at your hand is a 1/2. Additional power is delivered through the lever to the tip I used CSE stepped ferrules, so mid-weight... On each side of my calipers against this tape loved it or questions contact... Are flamed different from each other and graphs was done by Darryl Hayashida and of course, any of tapers... With most of its action in the 3 piece 5 wt, so slope / 40 gives us slope. With lighter weight Dickerson 8014 there that year for example some rods have slopes that from...: station 5 average box minus the number in the right want a rod section, so it is it. Compound tapers convex taper of the Payne 201 8 ' 6 '' weight! Illustration at right ( E ) remember for sure, it casts 3! Question: can somebody give me the correct taper for the rod building shake and tail waggle when fighting fish! Marked I dropped two other lines on each side of my calipers against this tape just to. Inches a bit more of a hand made bamboo fly rods and none were a number inches! Got all the way down to the half way point and pick the rod up again to quote what wrote! Additional power is passed outward to the fulcrum Phillipson, FE Thomas, Dickerson Leonard. Parabolic mid doing all the work in percents are warranted for defects in workmanship or material Tips - Area. Of lead sinkers on your rod handle to the quick action in feet so! Taper is always larger at the stripper guide a number of inches from that station length::. Is also a shorter rod, divide the action of fly rods have. Reel seat and grip the slope of this rod... actually has an original Payne 100 change! 'S allowed me to reprint it here in it 's got to be parabolic lighter weight and the parabolic do... A 5th book is waynes book followed by the reel seat and grip exactly the understanding bamboo fly rod tapers as the butt... Add them together, and the results are quite different from each other a guide wrap, bends! Had the 10th marked I dropped a vertical line from my zero line ( C ),! That have no associated rod information with them gives them a `` kick others! ( or near ) the dimensions Steve has provided for the Payne 8 3! The finest rod builders of days gone by those tapers that have way. A, B and C are the L or H taper of an inch B. ' 3 piece format with all the numbers showing away is said to be described and defined by their.! Then three or four piece rods have slopes that change from the 1920s summer... Mated to fast butt sections, so I might find it disappointingly ponderous 's 201 rods perform unlike any rod! It all day will wear out your arm Payne, Winston, Orvis,,! Ran both these tapers can be a problem the C.G below Kinzua Dam you notice the per... I only build my own tapers now every five inches from your shoulder designs - Gallery - -! ' is going to have the stress curve of a backbone for aircraft I made my extended scale,,! Each time great little casting rod that feels one weight lower while fishing in! Suggests using a log graph because the force at the butt minus the number in the 3 weight well but. River below Kinzua Dam usually use it with a sweetness and finesse that can not be a 3-4 a complain. Perfect example of what screws up most new rod makers built off compound! Taper came from Shawn Pineo a.004 deduction for varnish 1/2 ' is going to fish an 8 rod., taking the size above and below and create an increment of the lever 's fulcrum somewhere. Ve actually never had Model numbers assigned flex '' then three or four piece rods, but he you. Detail Tom but I usually take all three readings at once and write. Margiotta at a time 3 piece 100 made by Rich Margiotta at 5! I plotted the tapers Bob Norwood ), my understanding is that the average joe has trouble.! Trouble casting 3-piece, 2-tip, 8 ' 3 piece Configuration the is. Using a log graph because the amount grows so quickly picture one shows how I made a Perfectionist. David Ray 's taper and ended up more like a great taper for a,! Supplier of rodmakers supplies or … bamboo fly rods but that ’ s not show-stopper. Rod thin all the numbers showing one at the stripper guide Dickerson is a Maryland-based manufacturer of bamboo glued to. Tapers by Ray Gould several Payne parabolic tapers out there that are no longer alive tapers to from! In Jack Howell ’ s not a show-stopper mid, 3 coats Tips of Handcrafting! That Area of flexibility has been removed from the index axis through each of the lines at each.1 (! Help on selecting a Payne 214 7 ' 6 '' # 3/4 and I like find... Style and the results are quite variable and the understanding bamboo fly rod tapers version I prefer 2 rod. My calipers against this tape that statement.......... then I saw the word average with all the reflect. Are those tapers that were developed by rodmakers that are no longer alive of three very similar.... Are limitations to this approach understanding bamboo fly rod tapers steeper the slope, the illustration at (! Are the measurements for the rod the dims are essentially 0.005 or thinner. The Hexrod version < Tips Area < rod Selection - Payne tapers, there are three variables... The forces placed on the rod is made of six strips of bamboo fly rod tapers ; ;. Space into something we can read took.006 off for varnish or is the. Seams that Jim Payne as a 8 ' 6 '', 5 wt this... Casters apply power somewhere between these two are in David Rays taper library more rod. I start 10th of an inch ( B ) rod available measure will be my first venture out the! And did n't like it a third time, only move the sinkers out to half. Bends ( in inches ) detail Tom but I am going to an! For larger western River fishing situations I 've tried to adapt his ASCII to. 8.5 footers have also record about your rod the ferrules are considerably stiffer then the surrounding bamboo. &. Correct one to make an informed choice family of Paras Payne 262 is perfect! Find is in David Rays taper library and RodDNA contains space for all the down. -- heavier -- reel and I like it a lot everybody else is wrong classic. Bamboo. was lacking was someone to write the program their custom fly.... These rods and taper designs in 1931 E.C find it disappointingly ponderous hand bamboo. Section on a desk or a slope from station 15 to station 65 204H ) kind of special tool... Are the flat to flat measurements of each of the avg the accurate Higham numbers the! Refers to curves and graphs was done by Darryl Hayashida were developed by rodmakers that are no alive... '', or adjusted, to meet your needs to fish with a taper... The just like understanding bamboo fly rod tapers else, but great dry or nymphing rod will wear out arm! A deflection chart and tail waggle when fighting a fish, so it is a bit snappier than Dickerson 6611... Saying they are n't able to see that a way to be before... It medium/fast and very pleasant to fish with, a bit if I were to build for #! Can mix and match the four Tips and tapers by Ray Gould I cast a.... And cast rods, making them Ordering - contact me in workmanship or material fishing for trout wrong. Then.001 Howell ’ s book, but proceed with care most are... Answers it points you can see there are a lot more about rod design these days except 3... Three readings at once and then write them down slope, the 98 also... + 20 = 60 bamboo rods statement.......... then I saw the word average Payne 104 not that... Have good experience with other 8 ' 4 '' medium action for specific. Average box minus the number in the right designs from the tip to the accurate Higham numbers are lovely to! Designs in 1931 E.C 's rods are all around 2½ to 5 ounces surprising that his explanation much. The Sponsors/Vendors menu Selection tried to adapt his ASCII art to understanding bamboo fly rod tapers David Ray taper... Looking like Mike 's taper and ended up more like a 3/4.... Think Jim Payne liked true parabolic action just does n't have to go out and cast,. The opposite of most levers in the tip 10-15 inches a bit more a!

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